About Us

Who we are & what we do

Working together to improve communities Inspire South Tyneside (IST) is the infrastructure organisation for the voluntary and community sector in South Tyneside providing information, advice and support towards improving the capacity and sustainability of the sector. It can be referred to as an ‘umbrella’ organisation for the sector, or a Local Development Agency (LDA).

In 2017 South Tyneside Council for Voluntary Services (CVS) and HealthNet merged, as wide consultation with the sector and our partners identified a single infrastructure organisation was needed to better support the Voluntary, Community and Social Enterprise (VCSE) in South Tyneside. Inspire has been created with a clear remit to represent and advocate on behalf of the sector and develop and promote opportunities to generate increased local voluntary action to achieve a more sustainable future for local community organisations.

Values & Principles

We believe that our people are our greatest asset. We will support and encourage them to fulfil their potential and be the best they can be. We acknowledge each other’s skills, abilities, knowledge and experience and celebrate each other’s achievements. We believe that rights are accompanied by responsibilities and everyone is responsible for the consequences of their own actions. We aim to inspire by example. We share best practice and learn from each other. We conduct ourselves with honesty and integrity and maintain the highest professional standards in our dealings with others.



Our Vision

Our vision for Inspire is to offer support, advice, acting as a strategic reference point for the sector and the borough, as well as representing the views of the sector at strategic bodies and groups. Inspire South Tyneside will facilitate the development of a vibrant, strong, and sustainable local third sector that will work in collaboration with partners to ensure the best outcomes for residents of the borough.