FundingNet is a range of services we offer to help the VCSE sector access as many funding opportunities as possible.

Information on where to find potential funders and funding for your projects

We can provide you with specific details on Grant Making Trusts and Foundations and other sources of potential funding. Please ring us for information and/or to arrange and appointment to come in and see us for a face-to-face chat.
You can also access the South Tyneside Community Funding Portal – to find funding opportunities, receive email alerts and get tips on how to complete successful applications. Registration is FREE at

Regular bulletins on funding
Sign up to our FundingNet database to receive weekly bulletins about
• calls for applications from funders
• funding opportunities
• funding deadlines
• invitations to our Funding Fairs
• invitations to our Funding workshops

Funding Workshops
We host a number of funding workshops throughout the year, inviting particular funders to come and speak with you and give you the opportunity to discuss their applications processes, criteria, monitoring or whatever other questions you may have. These workshops are designed to help you build relationships with funders and to submit better and more successful bids for funding for your organisation.

Opportunities for joint working with partners via our External Funding Forum
The External Funding Forum meets bi-monthly to discuss opportunities for bringing external funding into the Borough of South Tyneside. It is an opportunity to network, build trust with other VCS and statutory sector partners and to give and receive funding information.

Annual Funding Fair – an opportunity to meet face-to-face with some grant making Trusts
We hold Funding Fairs once a year to enable you to meet face-to-face and on an individual basis with many popular Grant Making Trusts and Foundations in the area. These Fairs give you the opportunity to discuss your projects and seek potential funding. Appointments can be made to see particular funders and you are also welcome to come and browse and meet funders when they are free, pick up leaflets and other useful information.

Governance advice
Need help setting up your own charity? We can provide support and guidance on how to do so, how to write your governing document/Constitution and give advice on the role of Trustees and governance (management).

If you are already a constituted small group but your income has grown to over £5,000 per annum, the Charity Commission recommend that you consider becoming either a Registered Charity or a Charitable Incorporated Organisation (CIO). We can offer support and guidance around this choice and information on how to register with the Charity Commission.

See also

There is also a wealth of information on the Charity Commission website

A Third-Party facility to accept funds on your behalf if you are a small group and not a Registered Charity or CIO
If you are small group with a Constitution and bank account but not a Registered Charity or CIO you may have difficulty in receiving funds from certain funders, who will be happy to support your project but prefer to pay funds to a Registered Charity or CIO. In such instances, after a simple screening process, Inspire South Tyneside can accept funds on your behalf and pass them on to you. Please contact us for further information.

All our services are free of charge, apart from the Third-Party facility for which a nominal amount of £10 is applicable.

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